HUSH silent disco events

The Silent Disco phenomena has been sweeping the globe, opening up the opportunity to have dance parties anywhere from quiet neighborhoods to iconic destinations to massive festivals and even conference floors and museums.

So, what exactly is Silent Disco?

Per Wikipedia: A silent disco or silent rave is an event where people dance to music listened to on wireless headphones. Rather than using a speaker system, music is broadcast via a radio transmitter with the signal being picked up by wireless headphone receivers worn by the participants. Those without the headphones hear no music, giving the effect of a room full of people dancing to nothing.

In the earliest days of silent discos, before 2005, there would be only one channel available to listen to music through. Over time, the technology moved along to where there were two, and later technology allowed for a third channel that three separate DJs could broadcast over at the same time.

Silent discos are popular at music festivals as they allow dancing to continue past noise curfews. Similar events are “mobile clubbing” gatherings, where a group of people dance to the music on their personal music players.

The term “silent disco” has been in existence since at least 2005 with Bonnaroo Music Festival advertising such an event that year with DJ’s Motion Potion (HUSHconcerts Founder, Robbie Kowal), Quickie Mart and DJ medi4 and headphones provided by KOSS.

HUSHconcerts (previously, Silent Frisco) was the first company to produce a multi-city Silent Disco tour in 2008 with Silent Soundclash kicking off at Winter Music Conference in Miami, followed by Atlanta, Athens, Savannah, Wilmington NC, Charlottesville Va, Baltimore, New York City, Syracuse, Pittsburgh and St. Louis. During this tour, the company became the first to produce American silent discos on a beach (Miami Beach) and a boat (the Rocksoff Cruise in New York Harbor).

HUSHconcerts — The First US Silent Disco DJ & Company

Silent disco production is in our DNA. We have produced countless Silent Discos at everything from beaches, forests, mountain tops, rooftops to boats, trains and buses. Our silent disco experience goes beyond just concerts, and includes tech and educational demonstrations, yoga, fitness and wellness events, guided meditations, and comedy exhibitions.

And since HUSHconcerts has twenty years experience as a festival and club promoter, we have produced more than 1000 other events with up to a hundred thousand people, giving us an unparalleled approach to the execution of a successful silent disco event.

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Silent Disco @ Lightning in a Bottle 2013
Lightning in a Bottle 2013

Festivals: We have had a the good fortune of working with some of the best festivals in the United States, either as a promoter, production partner, or marketing partner. It’s hard to understand the challenges faced by large events, unless you have done them yourself.  Our experience producing dozens of our own festivals has made us the perfect production vendor for so many. This empathy, and attention to the needs of the festival producers and fans, enables HUSHconcerts to bring an unparalleled production value to all of the partners who choose us for silent disco production, marketing services, or general production management. Some of the festivals with whom we have worked include the following:

Camp Bisco
Electric Forest
Euphoria Festival
Festival of the Golden Gate
Gathering of the Vibes
Hardly Strictly Bluegrass
High Sierra Music Festival
Hornings Hideout
Lightning in a Bottle
Mardi Squaw
Midsummer Night Swing
New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival
North Beach Jazz Fest
North Coast Music Festival
Northern Nights Music Festival
Outside Lands Festival
Sea of Dreams NYE
SF International Beer Fest
SF Moma Modern Ball
Sonic Bloom
Spectrum Festival
Spring Awakening
Treasure Island Music Fest
Trinity River Jamboree
Yuri’s Night

Northern Nights Music Festival 2015 Silent Disco
Northern Nights Music Festival 2015 – photo by Kenny Hoff
Live Silent Disco @ Camp Euphoria 2012
Live Silent Disco @ Camp Euphoria 2012

Venues: Our experience includes some of the most well-known, culturally relevant venues in the country, either as a promoter, production partner, or marketing partner.

1015 (San Francisco)
Audio (San Francisco)
Austin Enchanted Forest
Bass Museum (Miami)
Blue Nile (New Orleans)
Cafe Brazil (New Orleans)
Cafe Du Nord (San Francisco)
Central SAPC (Los Angeles)
The Chapel (San Francisco)
Elbo Room (San Francisco)
Empire (Austin)
The Fillmore (San Francisco)
Fox Theatre Oakland (Oakland)
Great American Music Hall (San Francisco)
House of Blues (Los Angeles)
Howlin Wolf (New Orleans)
LA County Museum of Art
Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts (New York City)
Mezzanine (San Francisco)
Mighty (San Francisco)
Monarch (San Francisco)
The New Parish (Oakland)
Nighthawk Cinema (Brooklyn)
Public Works (San Francisco)
Regency Ballroom (San Francisco)
Republic (New Orleans)
Rocks Off Cruises (New York City)
Santa Monica Pier
Slims (San Francisco)
Squaw Valley USA
Temple (San Francisco)
Wanderlust (Austin)
Warfield (San Francisco)
Wave House (San Diego)
Wilshire Restaurant (LA)
Wokcano (Santa Monica)
Triple Crown (San Francisco)

Wilshire Restaurant Silent Disco - Los Angeles 2014
Wilshire Restaurant – Los Angeles 2014

Promoters and Producers: HUSHconcerts is a product of California, a community that we believe is the most artistically vibrant in the world. We consider it a huge honor to live and work among some of the hardest working, creative, and progressive people in the entertainment business. Among the many we have had the pleasure to work with are these fine organizations.

All Shook Down
Anon Events
Bay 2 Breakers
Bill Graham Presents
Blow Up
Blue Bear School of Music
Breakfast of Champions
Burning Man
Champagne & Bacon
Dee CeeÕs Soul Shakedown
Fire Arts Festival
Ghost Ship
Golden Voice
Harmony Productions
High Sierra Music
Hopmonk Tavern
Juke Joint
Kumin Sommers
Lightning in a Bottle
Live Nation
Metrowize/Kinetic Events
Opulent Temple
Outside Lands
Pink Mammoth
Power to the Peaceful
Rock the Bells
Sea of Dream
SF Pride
Space Cowboys
The Big Bounce
The Deep End
The Do Lab
The Force Agency
The Janky Barge
The Slayers Club
Treasure Island Music Festival
True Skool