HUSHfest is a silent festival concept unveiled by our grandparent companies Silent Frisco & SunsetSF back in 2008. The first HUSHfest took place on Ocean Beach in San Francisco on Mother’s Day and featured the legendary electronic pioneer Tipper. Since then we have produced a score of HUSHfests including several more on Ocean Beach, Treasure Island Great Lawn, a bunch in Los Angeles and Santa Monica, Arcata, Lake Tahoe, San Diego, Chicago, Miami, and Austin Texas . A HUSHfest has everything a normal festival might have, except that it is kept silent with the use of our custom wireless headphones. This drastically improves the dynamic with the neighbors, public officials, and the community.

While everyone seems to agree that music and live entertainment is GOOD, we stand with those who feel it must be done responsibly and respectfully to all. The HUSHfest concept allows us to have the best of both worlds. With typically with 2-3 channels of music running, a HUSHfest can feature double, or triple the amount of artists in the same place.

HUSHfest, Santa Monica Pier 2014 Among the artists who have played one of our Silent Frisco or HUSHconcerts HUSHfests are LTJ Bukem, Tipper, Mark Farina, Plump Djs, Rob Garza, Kraak & Smaak, Random Rab, Nick Thayer, Lyrics Born, The Jazz Mafia Silent Orchestra, Nickodemus, Kentaro, Knight Riderz, Christian Martin, Stickybuds, JPOD, Slynk, AnTenNae and many more…

The Plump DJs at Ocean Beach 2013