Loveboat Halloween

Set sail for the high seas on the Loveboat Halloween, America’s most epic Halloween event! With the grand-scale production you have come to expect year after year, it drops jaws and thrills thousands from around the world with unparalleled original art installations schemed and built from scratch from recyclable materials and enjoyed only at this event.

With past years boasting man o’ war Ghost Ships, cruise liners, flying saucers, nuclear submarines, clipper ships, an atomic mushroom cloud, an undersea Atlantis and a boat ‘o Love, each year brings production to brand new heights. Along with megalomaniacal schemes, LoveBoat Halloween features the world’s most exciting art cars, carnival rides, food trucks, multiple sound stages and a #HUSHcast Silent Disco. The soundscape of LoveBoat Halloween is always electrified by multiple stages hosting top DJ crews featuring the best the Bay Area has!