Reno, Nevada / Black Rock City

The USA’s silent disco pioneers have had a deep connection with our brothers and sisters of the Reno Tahoe region for decades. The first silent discos in the area were produced by HUSHconcerts at King’s Beach in 2013, and at multiple weddings and resort hotels shortly thereafter. Seeing that the area had a deep demand for our specific kind of fun, we created the annual winter event  Mardi Squaw in 2011 to combine ski-culture, live music, and silent disco.  With demand for our corporate and private event services increasing, and our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint by limiting shipping, we opened a Reno office in 2017. We now have some of our most seasoned staff and djs as well as all of the production gear you need to make your event a reality.

Connect directly with our HUSHreno team or see about our next local event at our Facebook Group HERE.