Silent Disco on Campus

Replace loudspeakers with silent disco wireless headphones for immersive learning, lecture halls, classrooms, and special education applications!

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silent disco education

  • Distraction-free classrooms, lectures, and study halls
  • Multiple subjects in a single classroom
  • Fully immersive assemblies, screenings & performances • Language, Study Hall and Science Labs
  • Optimized for the hearing impaired
  • Overcome Activity Limitations & Participation Restrictions • Arts / Music / Cultural Classes and Performances
  • Incorporate the outdoors and field trips
  • VR – optimized

The HUSHphones advantage

  • Comfortable, Safe and Stylish
  • Simple to clean, sanitize, and maintain
  • Simple to charge, pack, stack, and store
  • Fast re-charge with 8+ hour battery life
  • Durable and Break Resistant
  • 3-5 channels with colors that indicate channel selection
  • Intuitive and volume and channel control
  • Teacher controls master volume
  • Reliable Wireless Roaming
  • More affordable than FM, Wifi and Bluetooth models