cultural & educational

Do something new & different, attract a younger audience or add an additional cool factor to your event.

Our Turnkey Cultural & Educational package lets you plug-and-play an unforgettable experience for all ages — we handle everything from start to finish.


– Children to Millennials to Over 50s love the unique Silent Disco experience
– Turnkey offering from full production to gear rentals
– Increased revenue with additional sponsorable asset
– No noise bleed is great for multiple soundscapes in close proximity
– Use a DJ, band, streaming service, playlist or educational audio
– Multi-channel
– Fits any footprint

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– Our founder, Robbie Kowal was the first DJ ever to play a Silent Disco in the US (Bonnaroo ‘05).
– First company to produce a multi-city Silent Disco tour (Silent Soundclash ‘08)
– First to produce American silent discos on beaches, mountaintops, rooftops, boats, trains & buses.
– Since 2006, we have produced hundreds of Silent Discos from festivals to birthday parties.History:

Silent Disco Services:

You can simply rent our gear or we can handle every aspect of your production including:

– Venue, Date & Time Direction
– Permitting and Communications with Public Officials
– Neighbor & Stakeholder Communications
– Ticketing and Box Office Management
– Talent Direction
– Talent Buying & Scheduling
– Graphic Design & Art Direction
– Marketing and Promotion (100,000+ registered users, fans & followers)
– Copywriting and PR
– Stage Management
– Sourcing Backline and DJ Gear
– Sourcing staging, Lighting and Site Ops Materials
– Perimeter Planning and Execution
– Security and Safety Planning and Execution
– Loss / Breakage mitigation
– Site Operations

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