event production

Though we have produced (literally) thousands of shows since our launch in 1998 (as Sunset Promotions, Sunset SF and Silent Frisco), our commitment to our clients has, if anything increased.. HUSHconcerts lives by a clear, and ineffable set of values and goals that benefit the artists, managers, agents, and venues with whom we work.

The way we see it, we aren’t in the music business, the marketing business, nor the production, promotion, or silent disco business. WE ARE IN THE DETAIL BUSINESS.

Every successful performance is the culmination of dozens of little details, and we strive to make sure that each one of these details is handled perfectly.

John & Robbie accept Nitey Award for Best Club Promoter 2014
John & Robbie accept Nitey Award for Best Club Promoter 2014

AGENTS, ARTISTS & MANAGER DETAILS: Yes, we compete in markets inhabited by far bigger competitors, with far greater resources. Yet you may wonder why we not only survive, but thrive, innovate, and lead. Since the early days of Sunset, we have understood and relished our place as a boutique, bootstrap “middle” promoter in highly competitive markets. Over the years we have earned the title “Best Club Promoter in the Bay Area” (2014 Nitey Awards) and one of the finest in the USA for developing emerging artists, especially those who play music one can dance to.

We work with artists and management to devise a long-term strategy to build a sustainable career arc. Don’t think of us as a promoter, but rather a long term partner who will see the needs of your project as paramount, even before our own. Among the details we can help you master are the following:

  • long term artist development strategy
  • finding the right venue and date
  • clear and competitive offers
  • pain free contracting and deposit process
  • marketing planning & execution
  • effective print, digital, and social promotion
  • production, gear, and backline advancement
  • travel and transport
  • load in & load out
  • sound, lighting, and staging coordination
  • stage management
  • guest accommodations
  • onsite content gathering and social media dissemination
  • accounting and settlement
  • post show reporting
SFFF 02 - Sharon Jones
Sharon Jones at the Elbo Room in 2002

FANS and ATTENDEES: Our community is our lifeblood, and we have spent almost 2 decades working to serve and celebrate you. We constantly work to develop new ways to help you enjoy unique experiences and have striven to lead our industry into many a new form of expression. Whether it was the push to merge live and DJs shows in the 90s’ (Tribal Summit Series), to bring hip hop to Jazz Fest in New Orleans (Funk Fest @ Jazz Fest), to put urban music in a jazz festival (North Beach Jazz) to celebrate the culture of funk (SF Funk Fest), the development of Silent Disco (Silent Frisco), daytime dance parties (Beats for Lunch) the merger of music, performance art, and production art (Icebreakers Ball, Freqo de Mayo, Sea of Dreams & Ghost Ship Halloween)… Sunset Promotions, SunsetSF, Silent Frisco, and now HUSHconcerts has constantly worked to drag you (sometimes kicking and screaming) into a new way to enjoy yourself. Along the way, you have demanded that we become expert at the details that ensure your experience at our shows is of the highest caliber. Among those details are the following:

  • unique experiences that are more than the usual”show”
  • a welcoming, respectful, and friendly staff
  • a welcoming, respectful, and friendly crowd
  • a fair opportunity at the best tickets
  • minimal unnecessary fees
  • timely and accurate announcements
  • targeted communications with minimal spam
  • a responsive social media team
  • a fast and frictionless ticketing process
  • fast and pain-free entry into the venue
  • a safe and secure experience
  • the highest quality of sound, lights, and production value
  • direct, fast, and human response to questions or issues
  • a commitment to provide all/ages and/or family-friendly shows whenever possible
Exceptional Experiences!
Exceptional Experiences!


VENUES: Over the years, we have had the good fortune of working with some of the finest clubs, theatres, bars, parks, sheds, and beaches in the world. The Bay Area alone is a crucible for clubs, a place where the state of the art lasts for a period of weeks before some new club comes up with something better. We have striven to help venues by being a part of their solution. You have 365 dates a year to fill, while we may only do 50-100 club shows. Thus, we had better be on our A-Game every time we bring our community through tose doors you probably hung yourself. HUSHconcerts is extremely grateful and proud of its venue partners, and strives to provide the following in all interactions with them:

  • a respectful, artistsically educated audience
  • a well strategized and executed promotional campaign
  • clear communication on production needs and planning
  • fast and direct attention to arising issues
  • a well trained and managed box office team
  • a well trained and managed production team


PUBLIC OFFICIALS & GOVERNMENT AGENCIES: We’re all in this thing together. Without the typically overworked, and underpaid public officials who oversee the dozens of public venues with which we have had the priveledge to work, we would be just a club promoter. Instead, we have been at the forefront in the dveelopment of urban festivals, outdoor entertainment, and new modes of publc expression. Along the way, we have come to genuinely respect and admire our partners in government for their commitment to the communities they serve. We constantly strive to be the least of their worries by a strict attention ot every detail.

And because of this focus, we have continually recieved feedback like this one an official at the Department of Homeland Security, regarding Ghost Ship 2013 – “Despite whatever concerns I had, this event was highly organized, peaceful, and came off without a hitch. The event staff displayed know-how in every dimension of planning and execution. Parking, access and egress, permits, safety and security, food and beverage, lighting, and garbage collection was well managed. It was an impressive event that was ÒSan Francisco at its best.

We aim for this kind of response in all of our interactions with public officials, and to that end, we commit to the following:

  • we will respect your time and try to minimize our demands on it
  • we will solicit your input on venue, date and time to minimize impact
  • we will ensure that our events are safe, secure, and well managed
  • we will leave your space cleaner than we found it
  • we will communicate with neighbors & stakeholders to minimize concerns, and assist with mitigation should problems arise
  • we will clearly communicate expectations and regulations to our audience before, during, and after the event
  • we will follow your rules, regulations, and event guidelines to the letter
  • we will ensure that our staff is well trained and will hire only the most reputable 3rd party vendors
  • we will take accountability and responsibility for any challenges that may arise either by our hand or on our watch

CONCLUSION:  Discipline, drive, and focus ensure that every one of these aspects (and many more) are executed to the highest standards. If an artist is willing to put their most precious gift, the fruits of their muse in our hands, then they deserve no less. If an agent or manager is going to put the precious career of their artist in our hands, than they deserve no less than this. If a fan is going to spend his hard earned money on one of our shows, then they deserve to know that every one of these details is executed flawlessly. If a venue is going to let us in their door, or a public official is willing to put their job on the line by letting us play in their park, then they have a right to know we are going to get the details right. This is what we strive for relentlessly every day.