spirit forward

In 2016, HUSHconcerts and Paradox Media humbly reimagined the celebration of Independence. Yes, we are patriots, extremely proud of the United States of America and filled with massive pride in our country and intense national spirit. But what we are proud of, and the form of our spirit is somewhat different from the traditional barbeque, fireworks and flagwaving that July 4th usually signifies. Instead we launched a new event, SPIRIT FORWARD to celebrate the incredible things that our freedom and democracy afford the citizens of the USA. SPIRIT FORWARD celebrates freedom of expression, freedom of thought, artistic freedom, musical freedom, and entrepreneurial freedom. These freedoms are integral aspects of what makes the Bay Area special and why people move here.


The inaugural SPIRIT FORWARD took place in the heart of this free city, at the Chapel on July 5, 2016. Featuring, DJs, artcars, live music, and games, the event was a joy to behold for all who attended. Heading into 2017, you can be sure that Paradox Media and HUSHconcerts will be conjuring even more fun, freedom, and yes SPIRIT.

spiritforward2015coming soon…