HUSHconcerts is owned and operated by longtime San Francisco residents John Miles and Robbie Kowal. We have a small, hardworking staff that embodies the progressive and creative ideals of the Bay Area culture. We work extremely hard on behalf of the clients, artists, and partners who put their trust in our expertise. Along the way, we have a lot of fun, but the goal in our office is the same as it was for the father of concert promotion, Bill Graham in his day “we make the trains run on time so madness can break out on the stage”.

John & Robbie accept Nitey Award for Best Club Promoter 2014
John & Robbie accept Nitey Award for Best Club Promoter 2014

As seriously as we take our commitment to the development of the artists and entities for whom we work, we are similarly as serious about developing the careers of the people who come through our doors. There are few places in the arts where one can get immediate, meaningful, handson training in production, marketing, and business development. That emphasis on professional development has enabled us to be a part of the career arcs of industry stalwarts like Megan Jacobs, talent director at the legendary Roxy Theatre in Los Angeles, Jennifer McDowell, production director at Olivia Corporation, Samantha Davis, talent buyer at Mezzanine SF, Casey Philips, founder and director of the Force Agency and production stalwarts like Michele Rodrigues, Molly Foehl, and Caren Reuven.

SunsetSF’s beautiful offices on historic Treasure Island have sweeping views of Yerba Buena Island, the Bay Bridge and the City of San Francisco. We welcome inquiries from potential staff, partners, and interns. Resumes should be sent to info AT hushconcerts DOT com

A daily sunset like this from Treasure Island is one of our best perks
A daily sunset like this from Treasure Island is one of our best perks

HUSHconcerts 2015 staff includes:

Northern California Team

  • John Miles • Founder / Operations Director
  • Robbie Kowal  •  Founder / Creative Director
  • Stuart Walker  •  Production Director
  • Emma Marcus  •  Operations Manager
  • Lyja Stadlen Brown  •  Marketing Director
  • Chris Hallett  •  Production Manager
  • Heather Zemansky  •  Marketing Manager
  • Nick Van Wagoner •  Assistant Talent Buyer
  • Chip Corwin •  Resident DJ & Production Tech
  • Ben Ebyam  • Resident DJ & Production Tech
  • Jason Apple  •  Resident DJ & Production Tech
  • Matt Kaftor  •  Resident DJ & Production Tech
  • Scott Richards  •  Security Consultant
  • Lucia Stewart  •  Special Marketing Ninja
  • Allison Xuereb  •  Special Projects Ninja
  • Michael Robelo  •  Special Projects Ninja
  • Samantha Davis  •  Special Projects Ninja
  • Wayne Derman  •  Special Projects Ninja
  • Hannah Wenyon  •  Intern
  • Kevin Clancy  •  Intern
  • Alex Hitchcock  •  Intern

Southern California Team

  • Jason Gaulton  •  SoCal Brand Manager
  • Steve Humphries  • SoCal Production Manager
  • Joshua Huot  •  SoCal Tech Manager
  • Erica Webb  •  SoCal Box Office Manager & Marketing Manager

We rely heavily on the services of the following professional agencies: