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Silent Southby 2-Night Pass

March 16, 2012 @ 10:00 pm CDT


Save $5 on a two-night pass to Silent Southby on 3.16 and 3.17. Artists include Lyrics Born, Shortkut, AnTenNae, Elliot Lipp Jeremy Sole, JBoogie, Motion Potion, Obah, Platurn and a secret special guest!Amongst the dusty records of UC Davis’ KDVS college radio station, Tom Shimura, who currently makes records as Lyrics Born, found too much to love. Sandwiched between gatefold LPs, 12-inch singles, dub versions and white-labels was a reservoir of inspiration that he would draw on for the following decades. That was then. This is now. Since his college days, Bay Area-native Lyrics Born’s raw, authentic talent has been polished to a gleaming beacon of originality in a time when it’s needed most, and it’s release marks a new era of label relations. ‘The old model is dead, you cant just put it out and expect people to get it’, explains LB, and the statement could easily be applied to his sound or his approach to marketing the finished product.

Lyrics Born has gone about the creation of his latest effort, As U Were, in a less-than-conventional manner. One defining characteristic of his sound thus far has been that it can be described as unequivocally fun, and this remains true of As U Were. However, LB does routinely peel back the gregarious exterior to reveal a contemplative everyman, and it’s times like this that his true artistry is apparent. ‘It’s at the point in my career where I’ve been through a lot, fun and not so fun. I think I’m dealing with a lot issues that are more mature than the last few albums, from abandonment to betrayal to incredible joy’. He voices these sentiments prominently on the lead single ‘Lies x 3’, a driving, heartfelt plead for truth.

While touching on newer subjects, he also reached out to artists that he felt removed himself from his comfort zone. ‘The new record is more synth-oriented. I made an effort to work with younger artists: Trackademicks, Francis and The Lights, and Sam Sparro, namely’. The bay-swagger is in full effect on ‘Funky Hit Records’, and while the new guests add a new dimension to the sound, Tom Shimura isn’t one to lose sight of his roots. Gift Of Gab drops a requisite, thought-provoking verse on the critical ‘Pills’ and the classic Latyrx tag-team makes it look way too easy on ‘Pushed Aside, Pulled Apart’, one of the album’s standout cuts. As U Were may well be LB’s greatest achievement, but it’s been a long time coming.

Lyrics Born had been a music obsessive since his youth, and in 1993 freestyles among a group of UC Davis classmates that occupied the same cramped radio quarters began to find their way onto paper, and suddenly LB had written ‘Send Them’. It became the first single on the newly minted Solesides Records, a collaborative venture between himself and his accomplices who would later go on to be known internationally as Blackalicious (comprised of MC Gift of Gab and producer Chief Xcel), DJ Shadow and Lateef The Truthspeaker, an East Oakland rapper with whom he found a shared affinity for the rapid-fire lyrical volleys that would define the next step. As Latyrx (a combination of their working names) the two MCs released The Album, in 1997. The LP would go on to become a certified classic, selling 100,000 copies, yet would prove to be the tip of an even larger iceberg.

Solesides was re-imagined as Quannum Projects in 1999. As co-owner, LB used Quannum as a conduit through which he delivered his most realized project to date, 2003’s Later That Day. The album yielded his biggest commercial success to date, ‘Callin’ Out’, which charted nationally and was featured in several major motion pictures, EA Sports games as well as a Diet Coke spot featuring Adrian Brody. The remix LP, Same !@#$ Different Day was released shortly after, showcasing the talents of his closest associates and as well as new material. Meanwhile, Lyrics Born began to explore different means of engaging listeners. He kept fans abreast of his work by peppering the internet with The Lyrics Born Variety Show mixtape series whoch he released himself through his website. The mixtapes, as well as ceaseless touring and the creation of his own internet media outlets Lyrics Born TV and LBFM, were elements of a new formula.

Since the release of Later That Day, Lyrics Born has averaged over 150 shows a year, and his explosive live energy was captured on the disc Overnite Encore, a compilation of live performances with live musicians from the Australian leg of his 2006 world tour. He followed up in 2008 with Everywhere At Once, a varied studio disk that signaled a departure from the sample-based pieces he had become known for, supplementing the sound with a full band and a healthy does of synthesizers. Hence, he has arrived at well-rounded sound that is classic and yet futuristic. Tom Shimura hasn’t forgotten how he got here, but he’s never been afraid to look to the future, either.No other DJ in the world will ever be a member of the three most innovative and influential DJ crews to ever exist. As a member of the Invisibl Skratch Piklz, Beat Junkies and Triple Threat DJs, Shortkut’s contributions to the DJ world greatly assisted in building this culture into the multi-million dollar industry it is today. His years of musical experience and unparalleled presence in the national and international circuits exemplifies his passion and dedication to a culture he helped create. In 2007, Shortkut celebrated 20 years as a DJ, producer, DJ equipment designer, and battle champion.

Shortkut began his DJ career in 1987 with Just 2 Hype!, a mobile DJ soundsystem based out of Daly City, California. In 1994, J Rocc, the ‘Funky President” (Stones Throw Records), invited Shortkut to join his internationally acclaimed collective of DJs and producers, The Beat Junkies. Since Shortkut’s addition to the group, he has diversified the Beat Junkie audience. In 1995, Shortkut, DJ Q-Bert and Mixmaster Mike (Beastie Boys), formed the Invisibl Skratch Piklz, a legendary turntable band that led a new era in the DJ/turntablist world. The Invisibl Skratch Piklz went on to become the most influential DJ crew of all time. In 1999, Shortkut, along with world DJ champions Apollo and Vinroc, founded the Triple Threat DJs. These DJs all shared the same philosophy of combining raw turntable skills for the hardcore, while satisfying dancefloor crowds. This musical philosophy exploded with the birth of the Triple Threat DJs, and is now what DJs around the world follow today.

Throughout his career, Shortkut has made numerous contributions to the DJ culture. His involvement with seminars and tutorials in techniques and DJ history helps develop aspiring DJs and turntablists from middle schools to college classrooms worldwide. He was also a key designer of the Vestax 05 Pro, which became the best-selling DJ mixer of the Japan-based Vestax mixer line.

Shortkut claimed numerous titles, notably the 1994 and 1998 US/West Coast DMC Championships. He has also been featured in prized national and international publications including Rolling Stone, URB, DJ Times, Scratch, and VIBE. His talent has taken him to almost every continent, in which he showcases his performance/mixing DJ style to crowds – many of whom were introduced to the artform for the first time. In 2001, Shortkut appeared alongside X-ecutioner’s Rob Swift and actress Shannon Sossamon for a GAP clothing commercial that aired worldwide. He was honored with the Grand Wizard Theodore Lifetime Achievement Award in Germany for his contributions to the development of scratching & DJ culture in 2004.

A diverse selection in music, combined with turntablist roots makes Shortkut one of the world’s premier DJs. He has the creative ability to fuse many styles, which enables him to play for various audiences. Influences such as Jazzy Jeff, Rob Swift, Q-Bert, and his DJ crewmembers have contributed to Shortkut’s well-rounded DJ style.

Shortkut’s musical talent magnetizes audiences of all ages both in his hometown of San Francisco, throughout the United States, and overseas. His 20+ years of DJ experience and membership with three of the world’s most influential DJ collectives allowed him to enhance his skills, expand his musical selection and develop into an inspiring musician that believes in sharing his talent. Shortkut continues to add to his discography through creations in different areas of music production, mix projects and more recently, video mixing. With the addition of the visual element to his DJ sets, Shortkut continues to innovate and lead in progressing the art of DJing.An*ten*nae is one of San Francisco’s most sought after DJs and live performers. After years of production ranging from electronica to breaks to dubstep, he has developed his signature ‘Acid Crunk’ sound, currently dominating the west coast. His Mixtapes ‘Punk Rock Country Hop’ and ‘Acid Crunk’ were received with wide acclaim. The original blend of crunked out electro madness and pure dance-floor appeal has pushed the limits of genres and soundsystemsworldwide. An-ten-nae’s customized live sets push audiences and electronics to limits seldom seen. An*ten*nae / Adam Ohana has been DJ’ing and producing electronic music for over 15 years. He has toured Mexico, Australia, Africa, Japan, and extensively throughout Europe and North America. On the west coast, he has been an integral part of the evolution of the underground music culture in SF and LA. His ‘An-ten-nae Presents’ brand is responsible for some of the hottest concerts and parties the west coast has ever seen. These event continue to be a major influence on west coast culture.After more than eight years of global touring, seven solo albums, countless collaborations, label-head tastemaking and vital artist-incubator in the USA’s most critical beat-making cities (SF, Chicago, NYC), Eliot Lipp’s status as an electronic music pioneer is known to scene connoisseurs and weekend warriors alike. Lipp’s omnivorous tastes are apparent, from the obvious funk and myriad manifestations of hip-hop though less explicit reference points as jazz fusion, folk and techno. His well-earned reputation as a producer’s producer stems in part from his craftsmanship. Never content with well-worn breaks and effects, his work incorporates a fetishistic love of analogue gear with sampledelic flourishes, intricate rhythmic patterns and more than a few leftfield surprises. But his melodic instincts and tunefulness are what have earned him such wide appeal, his songwriterly connection to music’s storytelling possibilities, even without words.

When Eliot Lipp first arrived on the scene with his self-titled solo album in 2004 (Eastern Development), he seemed to have a fully formed aesthetic out of the gates. Lipp displayed an intuitive knack for teasing earwormy melodies out of rhythmic bangers, and drew from a remarkably mature sonic palette – two qualities that immediately set the young instrumental producer apart from his oft-indistinguishable beatmaking brethren. Since that promising debut, Lipp has played to his strengths while creating an imposing body of work with a style uniquely his own.

After spending formative, collegiate years in San Francisco, Lipp found his next home of Chicago—along with label Hefty Records and the fertile, exploratory music scene that surrounded him—to be an indisputable font of inspiration that resulted in two full-lengths in 2006. Lipp’s Tacoma Mockingbird record—named in homage to his boyhood home in Washington State—is a study in contradictions, as back-to-basics hip-hop and electro breaks underpin a more nuanced approach. He soon followed with Steele Street Scraps, a record that makes great use of some of his many collaborators. While it can’t be said that his Chicago years resulted in the post-rock phase one might expect from his associates, it seems to have laid the groundwork for greater compositional maturity to come.

After time immersed in Los Angeles’ vibrant community of producers, Lipp crossed the continent to set up shop in Brooklyn. His 2007 album, City Synthesis (Metatronix), is notable for its relaxed tempo, while the following year’s The Outside (Mush Records) proved to be a thorough artistic breakthrough, his most formally complex and emotionally engaging work yet. Lipp’s irrepressible creativity found another outlet in his Old Tacoma Records label, offering the opportunity for more diverse collaborations and a greater range of expressiveness. That freedom yielded 2009’s Peace Love Weed 3D: a release that upped the electronic ante and supplemented his boom-bap instincts with futurefunk details. He followed this with collaboration from long-time friend and producer Jasia 10 for How We Do: Moves Made (2011).JEREMY SOLE (89.9 KCRW, Afro Funké, theLIFT, Musaics) Chicago-born Jeremy Solen has been making beats since the MPC60, deejaying since rotary crossfaders were the standard, and playing clubs since he was too young to (legally) get in.

As a teenager, Sole’s loft parties were a culture clash during the birth of Hip Hop and House music. He matured as a turntablist in Jazz, Dub and experimental hybrid bands. Jeremy’s upbringing was seeped in the rich Chicago history of Blues, Jazz, Disco and Funk – and he reveled in that sacred space where they all blend together. As a kid he spent many nights in the alleys behind blues clubs listening through the air vents, before heading downtown to mix at deep Disco loft parties. Meanwhile his obsession grew to include music from every corner of the world.

In 2001 Sole moved to Los Angeles, and with his broad musical palette he felt right at home in the spiciest melting pot in the country.Don’t you just love music? That’s a rhetorical question, of course you love music. And that’s why you’ll love DJ Platurn. Duh. An 18 year veteran of the music industry, Platurn has traveled the world many times over bringing phenomenal music to phenomenal people. And with a client list that includes notables like Red Bull, Scion, Pandora, Adidas, Pixar, Monster Cable, MTV, Rane, the Golden State Warriors, Mixcrate, & the Hard Rock Cafe, he is clearly doing something right.

The man’s resume speaks for itself, but don’t just take these words’s word for it, go check the schedule and get out to a show. Make sure you bring dancing shoes, cuz you like music, and the two go super well together.San Francisco based dj Señor Oz has been rocking dancefloors from Burning Man to New York City since he started djng as a high school kid. His eclectic selections mix up dance music from genres ranging from funk,Afrobeat, disco, house, Latin, Hip-Hop and reggae, the unifying factor being the breaks that make the party move. As a tastemaker, producer and promoter he
has helped garner worldwide respect for the Afrolicious party he started and has gained critical praise for his remixes that have come out on Six Degrees Records and Akwaaba Records and his mixtapes and original production. Malarkey is an old Irish slang word used in the 1920’s as an expression equivalent to jive, gibberish, or nonsense. All guff aside; Patrick Malone (aka DJ Malarkey) is one of the hardest working DJ’s to recently emerge out of Sonoma County (North Bay) area. Upon his return to Sebastopol in 2004, having graduated from recording arts school in Los Angles, he quickly jumped back into the club circuit as a full time DJ, engineer & event producer. It didn’t take long for his funky broken-beat sound to kick up dust among event crowds, catering to both lounge and dance floors alike. His Juke Joint parties have helped pioneer the alternative dj sounds of ‘nu-funk’, making a huge impact on the dance music scene in the small town of Sebastopol and on the west coast for the past 2 years.
Malarkey has the keen ability to ascend fluidly from an early hour lounge funk, to peak time break beat shakers making him incredibly dynamic on the stage. Knowing when and where to go with the music, his sets are always evolving as a multi-genre melting pot of heavy broken funk, sexy latin shakers, boogie hip hop & banging breaks at all tempos.San Francisco based dj Señor Oz has been rocking dancefloors from Burning Man to New York City since he started djng as a high school kid. His eclectic selections mix up dance music from genres ranging from funk,Afrobeat, disco, house, Latin, Hip-Hop and reggae, the unifying factor being the breaks that make the party move. As a tastemaker, producer and promoter he
has helped garner worldwide respect for the Afrolicious party he started and has gained critical praise for his remixes that have come out on Six Degrees Records and Akwaaba Records and his mixtapes and original production. Barney Iller (Rubulad/Plug 4)has been busy rocking the planet with 2010 promising to be just as wild with a slew of new productions, including an upcoming release on Cotopaxi records, and international tours in the works. Barney Iller is a member of the Plug 4 camp at Burning Man, and also hosts the Jungle Revival! party alongside DJ Shakey.DJ EKO (SF/NYC) is a sound ambassador with a penchant for cutting edge sound movements that dates back to a decade-running radio show where she broke artists and garnered gold plaques on her walls (D’angelo, Mos Def) being a MD in her Bay Area hometown and a music journalist for URB Magazine. Along the way she was branded a taste-maker connoisseur and in 2003, invited on the Sprite Liquid Mix tour alongside swashbuckling mischief makers N.E.R.D., The Roots and Talib Kweli.

Staying true to her passion of seeking out the newest sounds in production while working outside the mainstream has paid off and garners her invites to play at Coachella, Michael Franti’s Power To The Peaceful, BurningMan, GirlFest-Hawaii & East Village Radio (NYC). She’s taken that ethos to the live platform playing beside a huge spectrum of djs and producers like Bassnectar, Bodega (LA), Center, Chief Boima, Cumba Mela, Dhundee, J-Boogie, Jubilee, Nickodemus, Rich Medina, The People (OAK) & Waajeed

Eko’s current pastime is finding the intersection between indigenous music and electronic music as well as the intersection between future soul and electronic elements. Known for being eclectic and versatile, Eko is a lover of bass and a master of moods who deliver sets that paint energy frequently criss-crossing genre boundaries. You are likely to find her at night clubs, fashion shows, art galleries, festivals, silent discos, concerts and renegade soirees alongside regularly working with several retail clients (H+M, Saks Fifth Avenue, Adidas, Sephora, Top Shop & LuluLemon).

Eko lives in NYC with frequent cross-country and international trips out and about to dj.$mall ¢hange (aka James Dier) will never stop. A musical addict, he’s been collecting and DJing for over 15 years, has 10s of thousands of records, in every conceivable genre and time period. Seriously deep crates in funk, jazz, blues, soul, latin, reggae, dancehall, hip hop, house, breaks, jungle, booty bass, classics, rawk n’ roll, punk, vintage RnB, disco, downtempo, ambient, experimental…you get the picture. Some people say they’re eclectic–this homeslice lives it, with the skills to mix it all together.

In terms of radio, $¢ has been involved with WFMU, the world reknown freeform station, for over a decade, plus regular sets on AOL’s dance station and Giant Step’s Jukebox. And one off shows for Dublab in LA, Tim Sweeney’s Beats in Space show, WPS1 (PS1′s online station), East Village Radio, etc, etc…

Out in clubland $mall ¢hange has played in every conceivable downtown NYC/BK venue you can think of, swank, underground, big, small–but always funky. Places such as APT, Nublu, Hiro, Supreme Trading, Cielo, Pianos, Centro Fly, the list goes on and on and on. And forrays into LA, Berlin, France, Burning Man, Australia, and your mom’s basement.

$mall ¢hange has been involved with the legendary Rubulad crew for over 8 years, demented underground BK loft par-tays that go into the wee wee hours. Whether he’s spinning or booking, one thing is for certain: Asses are shaken and minds are melted. $¢’s Remove Ya! parties involve 15-20 DJs and live bands in 4 rooms, spinning everything under the sun. Like the scene in Rockers, its a musical takeover, where the bumbaclot DJs are yanked outta the booth and mofos are shown how its done.

In 2001 $m ¢hizzo provided the music soundtrack for a modern dance performance called ‘Trance Territory’, choreographed by Wally Cardona and his quartet of dancers. The music was mixed live on three decks with multiple effects, and toured in selected parts of the US with a few dates in Mexico.

$mall ¢hange also runs the ‘Blackcrack List’, an an information / resource / email list about record collecting. Its been running for over four years and has over 250 DJs, collectors and blackbelt crate diggers from around the world. Vinyl is the blackcrack, and $¢ is addicted. How many rekkids? He’s lost count. And yes, a few are for sale/trade, so let him know what you got to deal!


March 16, 2012
10:00 pm CDT




Enchanted Forest Austin
1412 W. Oltorf
Austin, TX 78704 United States
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