Silent Conference

As of 2019, HUSHconcerts is proud to be the exclusive US partner for the world’s most advanced provider of headphone solutions to conferences and corporate meetings: SILENT CONFERENCE. We now have unique access to game-changing equipment, technology and methodology heretofore unavailable in the conference sector. Contact us to find out how we can revolutionize your conference experience. 

Since 2009, SILENT CONFERENCE has enabled corporate events to amplify immersion, overcome language barriers, and deliver triumphant experiences. We have spent a decade engineering this exclusive wireless headphone system specifically for conference environments. Our unique equipment, and unmatched technical experience will help you overcome the specific challenges of these unique venues. By 2015, our system had already delivered over 5 million hours of audio directly to conference and meeting attendees.

Our exclusive SCPro Headphones incorporate the features professional customers demand. Click here for more information, or click below to get a quote started.