Mission Statement

California is our home and our inspiration

HUSHconcerts relentlessly innovates to manifest creative solutions to the challenges of live event production in both common and non-traditional settings. We apply our unique experience, technology, and methodology to actualize any type of performance in all environments, regardless of regulations, restrictions or misunderstandings. HUSHconcerts also creates and markets unique experiences of its own for a blossoming community of live entertainment aficionados, providing top-notch production and promotion services for artists, producers, promoters, managers, agents, and brands. With offices nationwide and a series of global alliances and partnerships, HUSHconcerts remains a proud product of the San Francisco Bay Area and a proponent of progressive values such as race, gender and sexual equality, and environmental sustainability. HUSHconcerts promises to chase perfection and catch excellence for every facet of its work for its fans, clients, and partners.

The Team

HUSHconcerts is owned and operated by longtime production professionals Robbie Kowal and John Miles. We have a small, hardworking staff that works tirelessly to navigate the ever-changing waters around live event production. We work extremely hard on behalf of the clients, artists, and partners who put their trust in our expertise. Along the way, we have a lot of fun, but the goal in our office is the same as it was for the father of concert promotion, Bill Graham in his day: “we make the trains run on time so madness can break out on the stage”.

As seriously as we take our commitment to the development of the artists and entities for whom we work, we are similarly as serious about developing the careers of the people who come through our doors. There are few places in the arts where one can get immediate, meaningful, hands-on training in production, marketing, and business development. That emphasis on professional development has enabled us to be a part of the career arcs of dozens of production industry stalwarts.

As of 2019, HUSHconcerts maintains offices in Los Angeles, Reno, Chicago, Austin, New York City, Kansas City, Portland, Las Vegas, Honolulu, and our mothership office in an old Navy firehouse on Treasure Island, San Francisco. We are also proud to enjoy several crucial international partnerships that provide us global leadership in wireless headphone technology, and production methodology.  Resumes should be sent to info@hushconcerts.com


Robbie Kowal


Trish Moore

Director of Operations & Finance

John Miles

Founder | Conference Lead

Stuart Walker

Conference Production Mgr.

Emma Rose Marcus

Event Manager

Jessica Colette Kowal

Business Development Director

Kevin Ferlin

Marketing Director

Whitney Hunt

Sales Executive

Allie Brissman

Sales Associate

Judy Fridman

Partner | HUSHmom

Logan Duckett

Production Manager

Adam Miller

Equipment Manager

Nate Ringor

Production Lead

Marc Lorentz

Production Lead

William 'Chip' Corwin

Production Lead


Joshua Brooks

Los Angeles

HUSHla Team Lead

Mitchell Morales


HUSHtexas Team Lead

Adam Freck


HUSHchicago Team Lead

Stuart Sharpe


HUSHtexas Production Lead

Steve Humphreys

New York

HUSHny Team Lead

Sean O'Brien


HUSHreno Team Lead

Ryan Summers

Kansas City

HUSHkc Team Lead

Christopher Marchallack


HUSHoregon Team Lead

We rely heavily on the services of the following professional agencies:

Media Relations

HUSHconcerts is available at all times to comment on our own operations as well as the greater issues that effect the arts, music and urban culture. We are specifically interested in adding commentary to stories involving the intersection of the arts and politics. Our Creative Director, Robbie Kowal is a former journalist so we know first hand how time-starved and stressful the life of a reporter or photographer can be.

Our basic commitments to the media are:

  • Fast responses to your inquiries
  • Make relevant sources available to you
  • Respect your deadlines
  • We won’t pitch you unless the story is timely and relevant
  • Try to make your entry process as painless as possible
  • Take a big picture view of your story, suggesting other sources, even if they are not our own
  • Give you a unique perspective, and original content
  • Help you fact check your story before publishing to avoid embarrassing inaccuracies

For interview requests, please contact press AT hushconcerts DOT com

In your request, please provide us with the following info:

  • Publication / Media Organization
  • Contact Name / Phone / Email
  • Form of media – Print / Video / Television / Web / Blog etc…
  • Story Angle / Idea
  • Desired Result – How can we help you?
  • Deadline / Time Sensitivity

contact us: marketing AT hushconcerts DOT com

The Community

For almost 20 years, the team at HUSHconcerts has worked incredibly hard to devise and execute creative experiences for our community.


2018 served as one of HUSHconcerts most successful and exciting years ever. In the spring, the company welcomed a new partner, former Magenic Inc founder Judy Fridman. In the summer, the company expanded its San Francisco operation with new equipment and staff, and opened new offices in Brooklyn New York, Austin Texas, Las Vegas Nevada, Chicago Illinois, Reno Nevada, Portland Oregon, and Kansas City Kansas. We also expanded our operations in Southern California, opening an official HUSHla office, and forged an alliance with Georgia entertainment production ninjas Island Sound to deliver silent disco production to the southeastern US. In the fall, HUSHconcerts produced its first activation at the glorious KAABOO Del Mar festival with thousands of headphones over two huge nights. As we enter 2019, the company has never been better positioned to lead and capitalize on the exponential growth of the radio headphone production space.