Events with booming music typically attract complaints from your neighbors and nearby establishments because of the loud noise. If you still want to push through your event but without having to get rid of music, opting for a silent disco is a good idea. Brett Gilliland sits down with Robert Kowal to share the story behind HUSHconcerts, as well as his strategies for building efficient and deeply connected business teams.

Those of you who have made it to that million-dollar mark and have a growing team know how challenging it can be as the business starts to outgrow your own personal capacity to hold it all together. We bring in people like you who’ve gone through some of those changes and share some of those lessons learned.

I want to introduce to you our guest. His name is Robbie Kowal. He has been a force in the business of music since the 1990s. He’s been a musician, producer, creative director, and innovator in the use of audio technology to solve real-world challenges. As we get into learning more about his business, which is called HUSHconcerts, you’ll find that they do something super innovative. I’m excited to have him share that, then we’ll get into some of the lessons that he has learned as a business owner.

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