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Silent Frisco @ Lightning in a Bottle

July 11, 2013 @ 12:00 pm PDT

Silent Frisco is a crew of San Francisco sonic missionaries dedicated to turning impossible situations into musical magic. We specialize in enabling performances in public spaces where ‘noise’ has previously made such performances impractical or illegal. By using our custom ‘Silent Frisco’ wireless headphones, the music can play while neighbors enjoy peace and quiet. Once one removes ‘noise’ from the equation, public music gatherings can be seen for what they truly are: an unalienable civil right.

We are based in San Francisco but have traveled far and wide to bring this unique performance technology to happy listeners. Among the events that either Silent Frisco, or our founder Robbie ‘MoPo’ Kowal have performed at are Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival, Treasure Island Music Festival, Electric Forest, Camp Bisco, Earthdance, Harmony Festival, Gathering of the Vibes, Sea of Dreams NYE, and Ghost Ship Halloween. We’ve put music on Ocean Beach in San Francisco, Miami Beach in Florida, and Town Beach in Bridgeport Connecticut. We helped to revive legendary outdoor artspaces the Silo in Houston and Austin Enchanted Forest. In 2010, Silent Frisco conceieved and executed the ‘Silent Soundclash Tour’ the nation’s first Silent Disco club tour. Show us a place where ‘music Is not allowed’ and we will show you how to get make it happen.DJ Mancub is an underground legend. The lead ringer from the legendary West Coast breakbeat crew The Space Cowboys, Mancub is a skilled Turntablist and outright electronic party rocker. Known for breakbeat turntablism and electro and tech-house, he has also been known to rock hip hop, hyphy and funk.Matt Haze began his DJ career in the Bronx as a husky 10 year-old, cutting up the dopest Paula Abdul and MC Hammer cassingles at his little sister’s birthday party. In high school, he took a fervent interest underground music and started attending basement shows and warehouse raves. To share his newfound passion, Haze founded NYC a pirate radio station with two tape decks, a mail-order transmitter kit and a ratty pair of old headphones that doubled as the studio mic.

Today, after logging thousands of frequent flyer miles and hundreds of gigs, Haze brings an eclectic flavor and sophisticated sonic palette to the turntables. Don’t be surprised to hear Israeli dancehall, Brazilian funk, Ukrainian hip-hop or German oompahtronics in the mix alongside the latest heavy bass cuts and always a few dusties from his deep crates!Shouts! is a project by San Francisco bass music producer Jason C Apple. After many years of producing as Ground Control, Shouts! was created as an outlet for his weirder, more emotive music that nevertheless works a dancefloor. Focusing on deep house and garage, more than anything, Shouts! is about trying to figure out how sound becomes a feeling.
Part of the Hot N Heavy Recordings crew, Shouts! first EP, ‘Do Your Thing’ was released on January 23rd, 2013.Aaron Castle has been Djing for 3 years. Founder of A Club Called Rhonda, one of the biggest disco parties in LA, Aaron has since moved on to being a full time DJ and can be found playing Hang the DJ’s, The Standard, The Roosevelt, La Cita and more. Castle has a broad range of musical selection, anything from funk, disco, soul, house and hip hop to electro and new wave and more.With a wide range of musical tastes and influences, Godfather hits you hard with an eclectic variety of Dubstep, Glitch and Electro.With a love for house music since the mid-1990s, Janneke’s passion for DJ-ing took off when she was asked to play the Steampunk Saloon’s first event in the summer of 2012. Her debut set a success, she immediately became one of their resident DJs and started booking gigs at Burning Man and around Los Angeles. Known for playing unique house and electro house tracks with catchy lyrics, Janneke consistently fills the dance floor…and keeps it that way. In the Fall of 2012, Janneke teamed up with Michael Dignum (‘Diggs’) to create the DJ duo 2-Headed Monster, and they’ve been playing parties and festivals together ever since. But whether she’s on the decks as half of 2-Headed Monster or she’s playing solo, Janneke’s love for DJ-ing is evident as she interacts with the crowd and brings a fun energy to the dance floor.DJing under the name Diggs I’ve played 4 years in the Burning Man scene. I also created and co-own the infamous Steampunk Saloon. You can find me playing all the burner parties under the name 2-headed Monster with my GF most weekends. Solo I like to play a dirty deep tech house that makes you move your feet in ways you didn’t know you could.Hailing from the bass factory of San Francisco, WALA blends a sexy, worldly quality into the scintillating sounds of Glitch-Hop and Dubstep. She takes dancefloors on a kinetic journey from massive crunk to cultured bhangra–and every planetary highway in-between–while staying true to bass culture’s grimy foundations. This has propelled the tiny purple haired producer to esteemed status and has sent her to festivals and clubs all over the country.

After colliding with Bass Music amidst the dusts of Burning Man in 2005, WALA immersed herself in the edm and festival culture of the West Coast, and in 2010, after a little push from her now close friend and mentor, ill.Gates, she left her career as an anthropologist to follow her musical roots. Fueled by a passion to encourage others to engage with music on an emotional level and possessing a musical background dating back to when she was just six years old, WALA quickly established a following in the West and beyond. With a heavily stamped passport and an arsenal of seven spoken languages, she has developed an eclectic musical style infused with Indian percussion, heavy bass, and glitched middle-eastern samples.

WALA’s first EP, KaliKutta, was highly acclaimed with an anxiously anticipated second release, Smoke Sutra, due to be released in mid April. She has shared the stage with the likes of Minnesota, Freq Nasty, ill.Gates, GRiZ, Grammatik, Marty Party and more. She has performed at events and festivals such as Electronic Forest, Burning Man (setting a personal record of 17 sets in five days in 2012), Lucidity Festival, and many others across the globe, with a lot of exciting plans for the future.

WALA is currently touring, creating new music, and offering workshops in Ableton Live 9. Her cat, Harley, likes to sing along to her music when she’s home producing. Harley isn’t a good singer. He’s also a little irked that WALA is on the road so much, but he’s a cat…so he’ll get over it. For more, visit www.WalaMusic.comANCONA: aka Romy Ancona is a self taught musician making his way through the Hollywood, Las Vegas and South Bay club circuit as an electronic music producer and performer. Having only been DJing for a little over one year, Ancona has quickly gained recognition amongst club owners and party goers as a reliable source of entertainment. While Ancona does not have a specific genre, he most enjoys mixing various styles of house music but has adapted to put his own spin on the most popular music of today. Having shared Hollywood stages with legendary house names such as DJ Reza of Go Ventures and Mark Lewis of Mixology, Ancona has earned credibility amongst Hollywood’s top performers. His event resume also includes a sold out MAXIM Magazine New Year’s Eve party at the newly renovated Chinese Theatre. For handling his own bookings and promotion, Ancona successfully enhances business by bringing loyal fans as well as gaining new enthusiasts at every show he plays.


July 11, 2013
12:00 pm PDT




Lightning in a Bottle Festival
2091 New Pleyto Road
San Antonio Recreation Area, United States
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