Covid19 and social distancing hit the events industry like a thunderstorm, and HUSHconcerts has your umbrella

Introducing ​HUSHfm:​ custom technology services for social distanced events

Drive-in Concerts

Drive-in Movies

Drive-in Worship

​We can power events of any scale, anywhere in the USA.

HUSHfm MAX – Custom-built, robust transmission system for large events

  • Vehicles – 100 – 600​ – ​Past events have covered complete 70k seat stadiums
  • Experience​ – Tune in on the car stereo or boombox and crank it up
  • Sound Quality​ – FM Stereo
  • Channels​ – Up to three channels per event

HUSHfm PRO – Professional quality portable receivers & headphones

  • Attendees -​ 1-1000
  • Experience -​ Jack our receivers into your car or headphones, or just use our ​HUSHphones​.
  • Range – ​300-500 feet
  • Sound Quality – Pristine Pro-Audio
  • Channels​ – 15+ channels per event

HUSHfm LITE – Cost-effective FM system for small drive in events

  • Vehicles -​ 1-100
  • Experience – ​Tune in on the car stereo and crank it up
  • Range – 200 feet
  • Sound Quality – ​FM Stereo
  • Channels – ​One Channel per transmitter

Legality & Safety: ​HUSHconcerts is covered on our end. The rest is up to ​you

  • HUSHconcerts is the only wireless headphone vendor with an FCC Part 74 license. HUSHfm operates FCC compliant equipment under Part 74, Part 73 and Part 15 and our expert engineers are on site to ensure compliance.
  • Your event may be subject to local restrictions and shelter-orders. Client will ensure that the event can go forward legally, and that attendees can gather safely.
  • All HUSHconcerts equipment is sanitized before and after each event and stored in UV rooms.

Contact us now to start building a quote for your event.

A few of our brand partners: ​Adidas ​, ​AEG, Amazon, Another Planet Entertainment, Apple, Apptus, Astra Zenica, Atlassian, Cartoon Network, Cisco Impact, CloserStill Media, Coca Cola, ComicCon San Diego, Dreamforce, Facebook, Fiat, Firehouse, Freeman, Fuse Technical Group, Gartner, George P. Johnson, Golden Voice, Google I/O, Google ISTE, Hartman Studios, HBO, Heineken, Instagram, LiveNation, Lux, MacWorld, Madison House Presents, NBC, Oracle Open World, Pandora, Pinterest, PRG, Red Rock, Starz, Sony, Synbiobeta, Tableau, Taylor Bennett, TedX, Toyota, Twitter, Vidcon, Youtube, XRDC.

#Throwback to #Shabang2022 Who attended this year?

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Nothing beats great weather 🌞 great music 🎶 and the great outdoors 🌳

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It's not just all about the party. Amplify immersion, overcome language barriers, and deliver triumphant experiences at your next conference with our #HUSHphones 📚​

Announcing the exclusive new HUSHglow headphone systems from HUSHconcerts. Check out the link below to learn more about how these headphones will enhance your silent disco events!

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Create an unforgettable TED talk experience with our #HUSHphones ​

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We're proud to work with Soul Cycle to create immersive outdoor fitness experiences at locations across the country. 🚴‍♀️🎧🚴‍♂️​

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We're proud to be joining up with @fwmission for a fun, inspiring summer evening featuring special guests and encouraging messages from wheelchair recipients and friends from around the world. #wheelchair #mobility ...

Nothing but smiles because it's the weekend! 😄 ​

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We want YOU to go to 👉 to find out more about how our services can help you create a uniquely, immersive event. ​

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With #HUSHconcerts you can personalize your silent disco event! Put your brand on our #HUSHphones with custom end-caps, stickers and programmable colors! 🎧 #SilentDisco #CustomHeadphones ...

Last month we hosted #OceanBeach2022 to raise money for Ukraian efforts. Thanks to everyone that participated we were able to raise a significant amount for this cause. When we come together, we can create waves of change. 🌊💙​


Happy 4th of July from #HUSHconcerts 🎇🇺🇸🎆​

​What are you doing to celebrate Independence Day? ​

The world took some time off from festivals for a couple years, but it felt good to be back at BottleRock Napa 2022 this year! ​

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We now have unique access to game-changing equipment, technology and methodology previously unavailable in the conference sector. Contact us to find out how we can revolutionize your conference experience!​

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Happy Father's Day from our team at #HUSHconcerts. ​

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HUSHconcerts remains a proud proponent of values such as race, gender and sexual equality, and environmental sustainability. Happy Juneteenth! ​


We're excited to join with @PublicWorksSF and welcome @KraakandSmaak back to the bay along with #N2Nmusic & @KyraJoseph_ !

Saturday, June 25th, 9pm - 3am
Main Room / 21+ / Limited Capacity

The versatile Dutch producers trio, famous for mixing up electronica, house, funk and disco, are back for their USA tour!

With a wide range of successful singles, remixes, albums and collabs with f.e. Ben Westbeech, Romanthony, Mayer Hawthorne and Parcels, the three Dutchmen from Leiden have impressively rode the long waves of the global dance scene since they started working together.

Their new single ‘Doing What’ with New Zealand's HIGH HØØPS is just released and brand new singles and projects are in the pipeine for the remainder of 2022, and also working towards a brand new album scheduled for next year.

Tix avail at

HUSHbass #HUSHphones are our most popular model for music events, festivals, weddings, and fitness activities. Our custom earpads provide excellent long-use comfort and passive noise canceling. ​
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