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HUSHedu: Beyond the Disco

America’s leading silent disco producer and acclaimed full-service production and promotion company. We are a proud product of the Bay Area with a growing number of offices nationwide. Producing hundreds of unique events for festivals, corporates, conferences, educational, and DIY clients. Far more than your standard equipment vendor, our concert production and promotion experience give us unique insights into the challenges around noise issues in public and private spaces. Our leadership in this field and the uncommon creativity of our own events has earned us the support of over 150K engaged followers and fans. With HUSHconcerts, the world is your venue!

Key Benefits

  • Wireless multi-channel capability
  • Adjustable for all ages
  • Individual volume control
  • 8-hour battery life
  • Compact design/storage
  • Portable transmitter w/ mic capability
  • Universal audio connection
  • Voice-to-ear direct communication
  • Eliminates noise distraction

A Hush concert is one of the most innovative, inclusive, entertaining and fun events my kids have ever experienced! The ability for all students to participate with personal volume controls in an activity that promotes social interaction, fitness, and collaboration in group dance was one of the most enjoyed, talked-about and celebrated events at Michelson Elementary this year!

Louise Simson

Principal, Albert Michelson Elementary

New Platform for Classroom Creativity

  • Fully immersive learning experiences
  • ADA/spectrum disorders
  • ESL/multi-language
  • Standardized testing
  • Small classroom experience
  • Mitigates space limitations
  • Student/teacher wellness
  • Guided meditation
  • Yoga/fitness instruction
  • Out of the classroom learn
  • No distraction meeting/panel discussions
  • Creatively-informed guided tours