Weddings & Functions

Have the Celebration of a Lifetime

Your Wedding and Celebrations should be unique experiences that stand out as an event of a lifetime. You bring the people, we’ll deliver the fun.

We can do everything from execution all of the entertainment, (including staging, lighting, bands, djs, and sound) or simply rent you the headphones that will let you party into the wee hours.


  • Kids to Over 50s love the unique Silent Disco experience
  • Maximize usage of your venue space with no sound bleed
  • Multiple music channels for different music tastes
  • Use a DJ or stream a playlist from your phone or a music streaming service
  • Avoid noise restrictions (great for going late into the night!)
  • Turnkey offering from full production to gear rentals
  • Fits any footprint

Chantelle Paige’s Magical Fairy Tale Wedding in the Woods