silent disco for fitness & wellness


Combine multiple full-sound experiences under one roof with no sound-bleed. From guided meditation sounds to coached workout sessions to a late night dance party experience, HUSHconcerts HUShcast provides everything you need to provide a memorable multi-sensory events for your full range of audience demographics.

– Appeals to all ages
– Turnkey offering from full production to gear rentals
– Our “over-ear” gear is stays on during vigorous activity
– Durable, and easily cleanable
– Increased revenue opportunities with “event within an event”
– No noise bleed is great for multiple soundscapes in close proximity
– Multi-channel
– Use a DJ or stream
– Cross-promotional opportunity with our 100,000 fan database
– Fits any footprint

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HUSHconcerts is deeply interested in the wellness and health of our thousands of fans and friends and we have defined the forefront in using silent disco in wellness and fitness settings.

Fitness and wellness businesses face a daunting and constant challenge of how to maximize revenue and effectiveness from limited space. Classes and guided sessions are lucrative but they take up a ton of floorspace, and with most people on similar schedules, a wellness instructor typically could only guide one session at any one time. Until now.


Video above from the LuluLemon Santa Monica Promenade store opening in 2014 – courtesy of the Gentle Giant

– Our founder, Robbie Kowal was the first DJ ever to play a Silent Disco in the US (Bonnaroo ’05).
– First company to produce a multi-city Silent Disco tour (Silent Soundclash ’08).
– First to produce American silent discos on beaches, forests, mountaintops, rooftops, boats, trains & buses.
– Since 2006, HUSHconcerts has produced hundreds of Silent Disco events, see some of our Fitness & Wellness Event experience below.

Silent Disco Services:

You can simply rent our gear or we can handle every aspect of your production including:

– Venue, Date & Time Direction
– Permitting and Communications with Public Officials
– Neighbor & Stakeholder Communications
– Talent Direction
– Talent Buying & Scheduling
– Graphic Design & Art Direction
– Copywriting and PR
– Stage Management
– Sourcing Backline and DJ Gear
– Sourcing staging, Lighting and Site Ops Materials
– Perimiter Planning and Execution
– Security and Safety Planning and Execution
– Loss / Breakage mitigation
– Site Operations

hush hula

Among the fitness, and wellness clients we have had the good fortune to work with are:

Bay 2 Breakers
Groove Workout 2.0
Movement Lifestyle

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