Not even extinction should keep anyone from coming to the final HUSHfest of 2016.

Our biggest show is back!
HUSHfest: Santa Monica Pier – Radiohead vs. Daft Punk
Saturday, September 17; 7pm-12am
Last month was truly magical–see the amazing photos by FarahStop and Propelled Photography for proof!–and sets up what is sure to be an incredible end to the season. Radiohead vs. Daft Punk is always a crowd pleaser and the fun only grows as HUSH’s esteemed co-founder Motion Potion just released his long-awaited album of Radiohead remixes titled Subterranean Homemade Alchemy. Check it out here and see Motion Potion perform it live as he faces off with a Daft Punk set spun by PZB.


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