(above: HUSHconcerts at SF City Hall Centennial)

HUSHconcerts will make you a holiday party hero. With 4000 custom wireless silent disco headphones and an unparalleled production team, we will make your event the talk of the town. Just ask the thousands whose minds we have blown at our own events like Ghost Ship Halloween, Sea of Dreams, HUSHfest – Santa Monica Pier, and HUSHfest Ocean Beach. Ask the dozens of clients whose parties we have already rocked including Google, Yahoo, Instagram, Dropbox, Facebook, AirBnB, Tom’s Shoes, Twitter, Square, Fiat, Toyota, IDG, Williams Sonoma, Oracle, Lincoln Center, SFMoMa, the Exploratorium and LACMA. Ask the festivals we have worked with like Treasure Island, BottleRock, Lightning in a Bottle, Northern Nights, Electric Forest, Vertex, BassCenter, Abbot Kinney and Sunset Strip.

(above: LA’s Wilshire Restaurant transformed by HUSHconcerts)

A lot of people rent headphones these days. But no one else has the history, the experience, and the elite production team capable of producing any part of your event, top to bottom. We have relationships with every venue in the Bay Area and Los Angeles, every talent agent and manager in the industry, and every sound,staging, lighting, catering, and production vendor you could want. We produce Tier-1 events but because we employ local, community professionals, our costs are significantly lower than most.

(above: DrinkSteam Pubcrawl taking over North Beach SF)

HUSH concerts loves solving those problems that always seem to arise around Holiday Parties.

Challenges like these…

Venue Costs: Did the event venues rent quote make your CFO’s hair turn white(er)? Would your office neighbors threaten legal action if you made a racket?

  • HUSHsolution: Move the party to any space, restaurant, bar, or even your office and our ops staff will transform it into a party space while our headphones ensure the neighbors are none the wiser. Or move the event to the streets for a pub crawl or to a park or beach.

The Age Gap: Is your CFO is a 50-something swing dancer  and the project manager is a 20-something breakdancer? You don’t have to choose.

  • HUSHsolution – Go to TWO  or THREE CHANNELS with talent for each style and everyone wins!

Gorillas in the Midst: Last year, the marketing interns’ crazy friends brought all of their crazy friends and made an awkward mess that teetered on danger zone.

  • HUSHsolution – We manage your RSVP’s, entry, security, and bars to ensure that you have exactly the right turnout, the right vibe, and the onsite expertise to keep right from going wrong.

Wait, how much?!! The board balked at a huge budget. But we need to show appreciation to our team and impress our partners and clients.

  • HUSHsolution – Unlike other event producers we usually sell tickets and take risk so we know what it means to sweat every cost and detail. We can deliver an amazing event that doesn’t break the bank.

(above: an ordinary work-space – transformed by HUSHconcerts)

Whatever your Holiday Party challenges, HUSHconcerts is here to solve them. 

We have offices in San Francisco AND Los Angeles, but travel coast to coast to ride to the rescue!

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