No one is more excited about the reunion of LCD SOUNDSYSTEM than us, and to celebrate HUSHconcerts is proud to present another edition of “Electric Nostalgia,” our theme-time tribute party featuring music by TALKING HEADS and LCD SOUNDSYSTEM. DJ DIALS will handle LCD, with MOTION POTION rocking a 3 hour Talking Heads set. As Coachella wraps up and Outsidelands right around the corner, what perfect timing to get your dance on to the music of two legendary bands with two of San Francisco’s most influential DJ’s.

This will be a night of aficionado DJ’s playing music in one of the most unique and respectful tributes imaginable. No, in case you were confused, TALKING HEADS and LCD SOUNDSYSTEM are not performing. We have been doing this party for 5 years now and they are always wonderful, but if you expect to see a band, let alone, one comprised of said Weymouth, Harrison, Frantz and Byrne, you must catch them in their solo projects, or, find a time machine. For the rest of you who have experienced THIS party, or are curious to check it out, we are very excited to welcome you back. This event is very limited capacity.