HUSHconcerts embraces the fact that dancing exists in many different genres. This is precisely why we created a platform for people to explore a realm of dance music that isn’t readily accessible under most club contexts. Electric Nostalgia is here to give DJ’s and fans alike the opportunity to dive deep into forms of music that you seldom hear in clubs. The party also allows great DJs to show off their unmatched depth of passion and knowledge on specific areas of music. Simply put, Electric Nostalgia is an event by geeks, for geeks.


Just because they have been in depth dives, doesn’t mean that past editions of Electric Nostalgia haven’t been wide in range. Among the varied themes we have explored, E.N. has covered David Bowie vs. Beasties, Beatles & Beck, Daft Punk/Depeche Mode/Radiohead, East Coast/West Coast Hip Hop, Fleetwood Mac vs Fatboy Slim, 20’s Electro Swing vs 80’s, and of course this weekend’s beloved Talking Heads vs LCD Soundsystem event.

EN 2.

Tribute sets have long allowed artists to pay their respects to their heroes. There is a deep history of tribute events in the Bay Area with examples like Motown on Mondays, DJ Dave Paul’s Prince & Michael Experience, and of course the legendary long-running queen of the tribute events: Bootie. This Friday we proudly present DJ Dials and his LCD Soundsystem set, preceded by Motion Potion’s extended dive into Talking Heads.

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