HUSHconcerts is passionate about exposing our community to quirky, under appreciated, niche artists. We actively seek out unusual acts who abstain from the norm and follow their own drummer. In the next few weeks we present three acts that have carved out unlikely careers while never once compromising their individual artistic visions: LTJ BUKEM, MR. SCRUFF, and MOTION POTION.

LTJ BUKEM is one of the foremost creators of that ultimate niche electronic sound, Drum & Bass, but long after the genre’s 90’s heyday, he continues to pack them in with impeccable live performances. MR SCRUFF likewise turned something that seems quite simple, playing eclectic extended rare groove sets, into a decades-long world tour of deep artistic dives. Although MOTION POTION would be never compare himself in LTJ or SCRUFF as a producer, he has had a similar unlikely longevity due to his laser focus on remixing unusual non-dancefloor music.

All of these artists may play music that is entirely different, but their approach is strikingly similar. All of them turned an obscure place in the DJ world into their personal kingdom. All are practically obsessive when it comes to how the club, stage, sound system, turntables, lighting, video, and production are presented. It’s this passion to do exactly the show they want that makes their performances so uniquely entertaining. They play the music that THEY want to play regardless of what may be hot at the time. This makes the reward of seeing them pull it off all that much more satisfying. 

So we invite you to join us in the next few week for these three unique and unlikely performers as they do extended performances of the most geekish music you will ever hear in a club. LTJ rocks Public Works withBachelors of Science on Friday, July 22 (tickets). Mr. Scruff will play for 5 hours, from doors to curfew at Public Works on Friday, July 29 (tickets). Motion Potion will celebrate the long-awaited release of his Radiohead Remix album “Subterranean Homemade Alchemy” with a Radiohead remix set at Verso on Thursday, August 11 (tickets).