HUSHfest: Ocean Beach
TRUST. A loaded concept that takes years to build and seconds to destroy. HUSHconcerts has have earned it from event producers, civic agencies, and our community through over 20 years of creatively curated and professionally-managed events. Said trust enables us to do things that others might consider improbable. Cases in point? Our upcoming HUSHcasts at Ocean Beach and Hardly Strictly.

After 5 years of events ay Ocean Beach, one might take them for granted, but we do not.  We remember a time when the beach had no music, long before we started convincing the three different civic agencies that now enthusiastically support our event. And to repay that trust we present our most globetrotting lineup, featuring MAD PROFESSOR, KARSH KALE and MARTIN FLEX. We are also super proud to have earned the trust of the City’s largest free music gathering Hardly Strictly. We did this by curating a lineup as musically daring, and profound as the event itself. This year’s activation includes 20 Djs each playing deep-dive theme sets in line with the HSB’s ethos. With events like these, we hope we can continue to earn your trust.

HUSHfest Ocean Beach 9/25 – Mad Professor, Karsh Kale, Martin Flex + more:

HUSHconcerts presents our signature bi-annual silent disco, HUSHfest: Ocean Beach. This one-of-a-kind, headphone-only, art car staged, 3-channel, all ages, concert blesses one of SF’s most scenic spots, Kelly’s Cove. On Sunday, 9/25 we present exclusive performances by two renowned world music legends. Guyanese dub reggae legend MAD PROFESSOR will mix live on dual analog 8-track tapes. Indian-American electronica superstar KARSH KALE will play an extended DJ set with by live percussion. The world channel also features San Francisco heroes J.BOOGIE, JANAKA SELEKTA and DJ SEP playing dub, reggae, desi, and tropical vibes. The electronic channel will be headlined by UK breakbeat star MARTIN FLEX, making just his second San Francisco appearance. He will be joined by Popscene’s AARON AXELSEN, and local beat slingers MOTION POTION. DJ ICON and DJ MANCUB. Tickets for HUSHfest: Ocean Beach are on sale now, get yourself before we sell out at

HUSHcast at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass

Hardly Strictly Bluegrass 9/30 – 10/02: 

HUSHconcerts proudly returns to Hardly Strictly Bluegrass for a 2-channel, 3-day, all-themed, headphone-propelled, music experience. The Bay Area’s most daring DJs crunch craniums with theme sets appealing to even the most discerning music aficionados. Among the sets concocted by these musical maniacs are A History of Psychedelic Rock in Remix, Bowie in Space, Hick Hop & Country Crunk, Dancehall’s Golden Age, Blues to Bluegrass, and JB’s do7″ Stax of Hi Volt acid. Our 3-day lineup includes Motion Potion, DJCentipede of Mophono, Davey D, DeejayTheory, King Most, Matt Haze, Ren the Vinyl Archaeologist, Steve Fabus,Zack Darling, Malarkey, Gordo Cabeza, DJ 8Ball, DJ Alarm, Tom Thump, DJ Phleck, DJ Tobiwan, Make it Funky DJs, U9lift, Chuck Jones, and DJ Corinne. This HUSHcast is just a small part of the city’s biggest free musical gathering. Find the final schedule and theme information at and show info at