HUSHconcerts’ mission extends far beyond just music. We are a proud catalyzer of nascent scenes, arts collectives, multi-disciplinary communities, cultural creatives, or as many around here choose to call it: the Burning Man scene.  Since we helped build a live music stage in the desert in 2004, HUSHconcerts has been a key crossroads between Playa culture and Bay Area music. The main objects of our attention have been our festivals, Sea of Dreams NYE and Ghost Ship Halloween and our love for art car culture, specifically the Janky Barge. We were also some of the first in the US to present “Playa Artists” in mainstream music settings, including early plays by giants like Bassnectar, Tipper, Beats Antique, The Mutaytor and The Glitch Mob.  Along with these legends we have done crucial work helping hundreds of DJs, bands, makers, visualists, art car aficionados, dancers, and pyromaniacs to make a sustainable living doing what they love in the Bay Area. This week we highlight two events that touch on our decade-long love affair with the underground arts.

Ghost Ship 2008

The Janky Barge was built in 2006 by a gaggle of dreamers known as the Fringe Arts Collective, including HUSHconcerts founder Robbie Kowal. The mission was to create a mobile stage for music more eclectic than what was being presented on the Playa. Since then the Barge has been a staple, not only in the desert, but here in the Bay Area, at Ghost Ship, LoveFest, our Ocean Beach HUSHfests, and events ranging from corporate launches to the Warriors victory parade. Just recently however, the Barge was burgled, and its sound system stolen so the Jankys are running an Indigogo Campaign to replace it.  We are contributing by partnering with them and Euphonic Conceptions on our decade-old celebration of spring: FREQO de MAYO. This Friday, join us as we present MINNESOTA, BLOCKHEAD, THRIFTWORKS, ELIOT LIPP and many more to raise money for the Barge’s sound refit. GET TICKETS HERE.

The Janky Barge

Ghost Ship Halloween is now one of the Bay Area’s premier events but few recall its humble beginnings at Building 180 of Treasure Island. World Headquarters was also the launchpad for dozens of other major art projects, including the seminal works of Peter Hudson, Marco Cochrane, and Katy Boynton. A fleet of art cars was built or housed there including, the Janky Barge, Dodo Bus, Heart Deco, Ganesha, The Unimog, The Leaf Car, The Landspeeder, the Tie Fighter, SS Malibu, and the Disco Space Shuttle. One could make an strong argument that Building 180 has had as great an impact on Burning Man culture as any space outside the Playa itself.  But Treasure Island is not immune to the greater Bay Area stresses of gentrification and displacement. This historic hangar, which has operated since before WW2, is set to be demolished to make way for Phase 2 of the Treasure Island Development Project.

Ghost Ship 2012

On Friday, May 13, we are working with some of the building’s longtime residents to produce TERMINUS: THE LAST TREASURE ISLAND WAREHOUSE PARTY. On the docket will be large-scale art (including Peter Hudson’sEternal Return), booming sound, and art cars. The event features music from Thugfucker, The Scumfrog, DJ Kramer and more TBD. As there is a TON of love for this space, the show is well on its way to selling out. GET TICKETS HERE.