HUSHconcerts is dedicated to finding exciting places for people to dance and express themselves. When we say “the world is our venue,” we literally mean we can to host epic events in any place imaginable. As the San Francisco art community continues to face displacement, our creativity and innovation is constantly being challenged. In this email we announce two events: one signifying the end of a historic space, another celebrating the return to another.

For over 75 years Building 180 has quietly played a supporting role in a remarkable parade of San Francisco history. Originally built as a Pan Am Clipper hangar, it housed Navy planes in WWII and more recently served as the home and birthplace for many of our favorite large scale Burning Man art projects. The seminal works of Marco Cochrane, Peter Hudson, Kate Raudenbusch, and art cars like Janky Barge, Dodo Bus, Disco Shuttle, Heart Deco, Tie Fighter and Landspeeder were constructed under this roof. Our beloved Ghost Ship Halloween event set sail from building 180 for its first 2 years as well.
On Friday, May 13th we return to Building 180 for one final event: Terminus. This will be the last Treasure Island warehouse party before building 180 is razed to make way for redevelopment. The lineup already features Burning Man fixtures THUGFUCKER, SCUMFROG, DJ KRAMER, large scale art including Peter Hudson’s “Eternal Return”, art cars, and much more to come. Join us at Building 180 for a magnificent final act!

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The closure of Building 180 might be the end of an era, but we won’t let that stop us from finding new places to celebrate. In this case we proudly return to the historic Panhandle of Golden Gate Park for one of our signature HUSHcast silent discos. For this unique, intimate affair we present Canadian superstar JPOD the Beat Chef, a man who’s productions seem to drip with sunshine. He will be joined by a swath of SF DJs who have deep roots in the Haight Ashbury. The old days of Nickie’s BBQ will be represented by MOTION POTION, DJ PAUSE, DJ PHLECK and TOM THUMP. Added to this will be Space Cowboy DJ MANCUB, disco producer SHOUTS! and eclectic beat smiths SEX PIXELS.