Event production company HUSHConcerts has announced its expansion into six new markets outside of its home base in California. Beyond its flagship spaces in San Francisco and Los Angeles, HUSHConcerts will now operate offices in Austin, Chicago, Kansas City, Las Vegas, New York City, and Reno.

In order to expand services into the Southeastern United States, HUSHConcerts has also forged a strategic partnership with Georgia entertainment services company Island Sound.

“We have been parachuting in to these communities for years to help our friends and clients overcome production challenges,” HUSHConcerts CEO Robbie Kowal said in a release. “Now, our regional team leads can enhance our service offerings while simultaneously reducing our reliance on carbon-heavy shipping.”

Since its inception in 1997, HUSHConcerts has been carving out a name for itself with immersive experiences and specializing in silent discos and wireless headphone technology. The company also offers services for festival activations, silent conferences, DIY private event gear rental and more.

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